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I am suffering from this right now. 

If I had all the money in the world I would just buy a bunch of land out in the country and just live there by myself with a bunch of instruments and video games and maybe a few guns. Away from civilization. I think it would make me appreciate life. People can just be so shitty. 

Boner! Charvel So Cal Candy red. 

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe at Circuit of the Americas


The more I see your relationship on Facebook the less serious I will assume it is.

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Finally found some use for one of the bibles in my room… I used it to kill a hornet B-)

I am scared. I am scared that I might fucked up. I have all this people telling me I am good at what I do yet I don’t feel like it. I keep making excuses not to put myself out there business wise. Yet, I always complain and bitch that I am making no money and am unhappy with myself yet I am too fucking scared to change that. BLEEHH!! I am scared of perusing a career in the film industry and failing big fucking time or making it but getting a job that kills me internally. Just bleehh! 


I am kinda scared that I’ll be filming this year’s warped tour solo. 

One day, one fucking day I WILL go to Cuba! It just seems like such a beautiful country! I don’t care if I have to fake a Mexican passport but I want to go to Cuba. 

Listening to some ambient music …. trying to get inspired … I guess?

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