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This describes my life i guess.

Jason Butler of Letlive.
South by So What // 2014

Holy fucking shit! The picture when Jason was pointing at me for crowed surfing! One of the coolest dudes in the world!

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This bitch lags! I mean, its only 8 1080p shots. #firstworldproblems #issues #lagging #premierepro #editing #sluts


wet dream: being financially secure with a career i enjoy

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A popular loner.

More than a million people have checked my works that I do for national touring metal acts. Yet barely anyone knows the guy behind the lens. Wish I could pull in some girls with this trait but nah …… fsjdfjas;jfajak;s

I wish I could read her.

I’ve always been intrigued by her. She doesn’t seem like a promiscuous, attention craving type of girl. She seems quite, reserve and care free. Something that is so hard to find now a days. I just can’t read her. Is she already married, does she have a boyfriend, did I creep her out, or was she not sure what to make of what I said to her? I just wish I could read her. My gut always gives me at least one red flag on every girl I set my eyes on. It seems she hasn’t raised any red flags in my head, on the contrary, she has made me curious as what makes up her life. I was just so awkward and made myself pretend as if she was not next to me last time I saw her. I am really bad at this. asdfghjkl

Sometimes I just fucking hate the people who run this world.
It feels really shitty when you write your heart out to the manager of a band you really like and get denied with a simple “no thanks.” I always get denied by managers but I rarely get denied by bands. I am thinking of just fucking stop writing emails asking permission to do what I love. I’ve started writing emails to managers ever since the bitch ass manager of Silverstein chewed my ass off for taking video of Like Moths to Flames . I write emails to show some “respect” to the bands and try to look and sound more professional but from now on I am just gonna go up to the bands personally and ask them if they want pictures and/or video. Its not like I am fucking charging the big bands for live coverage. I have thousands of dollars in a back pack that I’ve broken my fucking ass to get and then learn how to use by my own means. Yet, that means shit to these managers. Yet I always see the bands of the managers that denied me sharing my videos and pictures (cause I get into the show by other bands that are playing the same show). These are the same managers of the bands that tell the crowd to follow their dreams no matter what. So I am gonna do as the bands tell me and ignore them managers. Heres a picture of Sworn In. I didn’t even contacted their manager I just went up to their guitarist and bassists and asked if it was cool to take pics and video and they said yes. They shared both the pics and video and that makes me damn fucking proud of myself. So thanks to the bands that enjoy my work and fuck those managers who wanna charge me for a free fucking services t-_-t end of fucking rant. Tired of being kick around like a piece of shit.

Bout time.

The emotional sober me has taken control of my body again and is making fun of my emotional blind side. Knowing how my ex was, is and will always be a sex craving psychopath and I failed to see that XD aahhh oh well. Shit happens.