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My most priced possession got stolen while I was eating at a restaurant yesterday. I am sad but not as much as others would thought. Just the love and support some people have shown me, people I’ve never even met in life …. its just amazing! Makes me feel a little bit better about the situation. 

I am also just happy and grateful to be unharmed. I get to see another day and I get to work for another camera. Not sure when I will get one but I’ll for sure get one. As for the thieves who took it from me, I hope they are dumb enough to sell it to a pawn shop. The cops have the serial number in a data base and if it has a match then, woohooo! Someone will be going to jail and I’ll be more than happy to take that picture of their mug shot myself! ^_^ haha


I used to love networking and meeting other people but I’ve seen and felt like all these people only wanna suck the life out of me, use me, and then like a piece of trash throw me away. 

I’ve become sheltered now that I have a bunch of connections. Stuck inside this little bubble of comfort that I refuse to break out from. Bleh, wish I was an extrovert. A people person. I hate conflict and I hate confrontation. Just bleh… Venting to the open since I feel I have no real friends anymore. Just people I associate and socialize with every now and then. 

Not really sure why I stop posting pictured I took with my other camera in here. Any who, I’ll be trying to post a pro-res picture daily from now on. I honestly can’t believe I take some of these pictures.

What you know about this jam?

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Pick up advice #136

Appearing like an asshole and a dick to people you work/do business with is a good thing, it lets them know who’s in charge. Appearing like an asshole to a girl you’re trying to woo is not a good thing :) 

I am suffering from this right now. 

If I had all the money in the world I would just buy a bunch of land out in the country and just live there by myself with a bunch of instruments and video games and maybe a few guns. Away from civilization. I think it would make me appreciate life. People can just be so shitty. 

Boner! Charvel So Cal Candy red. 

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe at Circuit of the Americas


The more I see your relationship on Facebook the less serious I will assume it is.